Printers Sun, 03 Jul 2022 10:46:34 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Sovol SV01 Rundown      OK Scott Here again. So I over the last few years and all I have decided to change how I do my printer rundowns a little. Some might call them reviews but that’s a term I don’t care for because to many reviews are bias. Therefore I do what I call rundowns.  Where I give my overall thoughts on the printer along with a list of exactly what I found on the printers good and bad these are 100% my view of things I will give good and bad no matter what. So for this article I’m going to do a RUNDOWN  on the Sovol SV01 which I have had for just over 3 weeks now. You can find the unboxing and build video over on my youtube channel here. ]]> 3D News Fri, 26 Jul 2019 03:13:47 +0000 3D Printer Terms and Definitions Ok Scott here again This time I'm going to start with another basics the parts and terms commonly used in 3D printers. I plan on adding images to most ares but until then I figured this will be a help for some of you. If you have more to add feel free to send me a message or email. I have not added printer layout types and not done delta terms yet but I will get there.
  1. Frame – Holds the full printer together. This can be metal, acrylic or even wood.
  2. X axis motion – movement on the printer from left to right.
  3. Y axis motion – movement on the printer from front to back.
  4. Z axis Motion – movement on the printer up and down.
  5. Extruder – Takes filament from the spool and pushes it to the hotend. ]]>
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Tuning and Speeding up Prints      OK so Scott here again  and while I have been busy working on getting my new office / lab around I figured I would take a little time to put together a new short article based a few of my facebook post as a way to help the community tune their printers and speed up their prints. 

    one thing to remember is even if you have 2 printers brand new out of the box exact same make model everything both will need their own tune because of the variance in each part or piece in the printer. 

When it comes to tuning it should be the exact same steps to tune the X5S as an I3. 

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Prevention is the key Over the last few weeks there have been posts on social media relating to fires being caused by 3D printers. ]]> 3D News Sat, 04 Aug 2018 02:09:38 +0000 Rundown on printers       OK Scott here again like normal. A lot of people have asked me to do reviews or feedback on different printer or ask me what I think of a new printer out and while I can give my overall view of the new printers as to what I can see being good or bad about them I can not and will not do any true rundown on any printer or product I have not used. With that said I have offered my thoughts on several printers that I do not own but please always keep in mind it's only based on what I see....  while I have other printers I’m not going to include them here as one is no longer on the market and the other is custom built by me (still in process).

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Scott's Printable Printer Upgrades List     OK Scott Here again. I keep getting asked what parts I use on my printers so I figured I would build a list. starting with general parts. Now this list is just for the printers I have. I’ll also add notes about each as I build the list. Now this is by no means all the parts I have on my printers as some of them I don’t have links to some are prototypes of my own design and some I just didn’t think of it’s also not the only options for these designs as I’m sure most of them have copies or versions out that might work better for each person. I will try to update this as I find or design other parts. Or if you know of something worth adding to the list let me know.

Misc printer related items

Bowden tube cutter

I designed this after seeing a bunch of issues caused by Bowden tube not being cut straight

Bowden tube cutter

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Chitu G code Explained         Once again Scott Here to see if I can’t help you understand the something else I have seen questions about in the 3D printing community.  This Time around I’ll go over the G-code used By Chitu on their F mini control board and other custom made control boards used by Tronxy and several other companies now. This control board comes on the Tronxy X5SA, X5ST, X5S-E2, XY-3 and XY-2 to name a few.
PLEASE NOTE CHANGING THESE SETTING WILL change your printers behavior. Therefore I do not recommend changing settings yourself without understanding what each setting your adjusting does. ]]>
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Tronxy X5S to X5SA Upgrade kit installation           OK Scott Here again like normal. This time I had a little help from Norman Gilman with some pictures and a few of the steps, helping to get my mind in gear to write this. Now please note Neither Norman Or I installed these setup with the auto bed leveling because we use glass beds to thick for the factory blue sensor to see the bed through the glass. ]]> 3D News Sun, 22 Apr 2018 15:49:26 +0000 Flashing Tronxy X5S Factory Control board USB Cable only Ok so Scott here again, this time I decided to go ahead and take things to a simple level based off a write up done by Syed Muhammad Shaheryar. I have seen so many comments and issues with people flashing firmware to their factory TronXY X5S control board, now this should work for flashing the firmware on the X3S as well but the firmware I included will need some edit work unlike for the X5S. This Version of Arduino IDE will work just like any other but it can be installed on a thumb drive or SD card  and moved from one computer to the next without having to install anything on that computer. it should also work on other boards but I have not tested it. ]]> 3D News Sat, 24 Feb 2018 00:41:52 +0000 Mk7 / Mk8 HOTEND ASSEMBELY REBUILD       Ok so Scott here again lately I have been seeing a lot of post and comments about the factory Tronxy hotend so I figured I would go ahead and write up a quick tech article. While this is not the only way to rebuild or assemble the hotend assembly this is the way I do it. This also works on the E3D hotends I have but the throat is different on them. So let’s start with a few tools. ]]> How To Tutorials Sun, 04 Feb 2018 06:03:20 +0000