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Alfawise U20 plus Rundown

OK Scott Here again. So I over the last few years and all I have decided to change how I do my printer rundowns a little. Some might call them reviews but that’s a term I don’t care for because to many reviews are bias. Therefore I do what I call rundowns.  Where I give my overall thoughts on the printer along with a list of exactly what I found on the printers good and bad these are 100% my view of things I will give good and bad no matter what. So for this article I’m going to do a RUNDOWN  on the Alfawise U20 Plus which I have had for just over a month now.

Price is $421  Here.

Print area: 400 x 400 x 500mm 

First impressions:

Boxed well and packages like it should be to make the trip around the world.  

Came with nice printed instructions.

Came with a nice starter tool set.


Build time : 25 minutes from box to leveled and started print.
heat up time:
 20 C to 55 C four and a half minutes
20 C to 75 C nine minutes


20 C to 200  under 2 minutes


Now after month and six spools of filament I can give you the following pro and con list.


  • Fast build
  • Good tool set
  • Glass bed
  • Filament out sensor (works great)
  • Resume on power lose (tested and works great)
  • 24V power supply.
  • Thermal protection turned on.
  • Bed not insulated.
  • Dual Z steppers.
  • Touch screen.




  • Filament out sensor located on the extruder when it triggers you must remove bowden tube to pull left over filament.
  • Filament routing to the extruder will wear out the extruder and filament out sensor
  • Buildtak peeled up on mine (flipped glass to use it instead).
  • Small thumb wheels.
  • A little loud when printing (think it’s the A4988 stepper drivers)


Slicer settings I use:


Hotend temp:  213

Bed: 55

Layer height: 0.12

Retract: 8.5mm

Retract speed: 130 mms

Print speed: 90 mms

Ok so looking back this printer has run none stop sense I got it. It’s quickly becoming one of my go to printers. Over all this printer is worth every penny. Simple to use fast build upgrades I would add would be big thumb wheels a guild for filament into the extruder, strain relief for the bed wires. Now I have done some very very large prints with this printer and I have had no issues other than the bhuilttak sheet peeling up on me.


Tronxy XY-3 Rundown
Sovol SV01 Rundown


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Friday, 19 July 2024

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