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High Resolution Printing in Shorter Time

    Here at C3D we haveve been experimenting with how we can get the best quality prints in the least amount of print time. One idea that has been explored before is to combine infill for a certain number of layers. While similar features had been implemented in most slicers (Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D) here is our take on it.


Minimum requirements
Cura 3.2.1 or later
2. Internet connection


1. Download the BoostedGcode.py python script from:
2. Copy the file to Cura’s PostProcessingPlugin Script directory.
How to find the folder:
    a) Mac: In the Menu click Help->Show configuration folder

    b) Windows: In the Menu click Help->Show configuration folder
3. Restart Cura

Required settings for Cura

First you need to enable below options under Preferences -> Settings

1. Enable the option “Outer Before Inner Walls”

2. Enable "Relative Extrusion" option

3. Enable "Infill Before Walls" options

Set these options in your profile 

And make sure to that "Infill Before Walls" is unchecked


1. Slice your model with less than 0.1 mm layer height (e.g. 0.09 mm).
2. Click Extension -> Post Processing -> Modify G-Code

3. If you copied the BoostedGCode.py into the correct folder you should see "Boosted Gcode" in the Add a script dropdown menu

4. Set "Retraction distance" and "Layer height" according to your profile and leave the rest of parameters as is.

5. Close the window

6. After your model is sliced and you click "Save to File" the prepared gcode will be uploaded for post processing and the post processed version will be downloaded to the destination folder you chose.


Z-Merge number and Layer height

These parameters need to be set that
Z-Merge-number * Layer-height < Nozzle diameter


Please be gentle with gcode filesize model complexity this is still experimental...

Rundown on printers
X - Y Axis


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