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Scott's Printable Printer Upgrades List

    OK Scott Here again. I keep getting asked what parts I use on my printers so I figured I would build a list. starting with general parts. Now this list is just for the printers I have. I’ll also add notes about each as I build the list. Now this is by no means all the parts I have on my printers as some of them I don’t have links to some are prototypes of my own design and some I just didn’t think of it’s also not the only options for these designs as I’m sure most of them have copies or versions out that might work better for each person. I will try to update this as I find or design other parts. Or if you know of something worth adding to the list let me know.

Misc printer related items

Bowden tube cutter

I designed this after seeing a bunch of issues caused by Bowden tube not being cut straight

Bowden tube cutter

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Steve Czerepak
Scott: I am having a problem with my X5S... I can run my X axis left and right with no problem.. ...... when I run my Y axis away... Read More
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 02:35
Scott Worthington
Sounds like I binding or rubbing issue
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 13:08
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