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Customized Tronxy X5S

I keep on getting asked to keep members of Groups on Facebook to keep the upto date with the Customisation of My second X5S. So I have created a special section on our forum to create a build log,

This is not going to be a quick build log as I do work and have to keep an eye on the thecnical stuff on our websites. There will also be alot of prototyping involved to, to get the printer I am looking for.

Here is a list of what is going onto this printer.

4 x 500mm MGN 12 Linear Rails

3 x 450mm MGN 12 Linear Rails


Radds 32-bit Controller and expansion board

Radds Smart controller lcd

RAPS128 Stepper Drivers running at 128 micro steps

Custom electronics housing with improved printer feet.

Complete redesign of the gantry to accomodatethe linear rails.

Plus anything else that I think of during the build.

The most important thing the STL Files for this build will only be uploaded to this site.

You are welcome to make changes to the files however any changes can only be posted on our forum.

All the cad work is done with Sketchup, and Sketchup .skp files will be included if you need to change files.

I have now added the files for the frame for everyone to download.




X5S Frame

Customized Tronxy X5S Frame
Tap Drill Chart

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Monday, 16 September 2019

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