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Sovol SV01 Rundown

     OK Scott Here again. So I over the last few years and all I have decided to change how I do my printer rundowns a little. Some might call them reviews but that’s a term I don’t care for because to many reviews are bias. Therefore I do what I call rundowns.  Where I give my overall thoughts on the printer along with a list of exactly what I found on the printers good and bad these are 100% my view of things I will give good and bad no matter what. So for this article I’m going to do a RUNDOWN  on the Sovol SV01 which I have had for just over 3 weeks now. You can find the unboxing and build video over on my youtube channel here.

Price is $349  Here.

Print area: 240x280x300mm

First impressions:

Boxed well and packages like it should be to make the trip around the world.  

Came with nice printed instructions.

Came with a nice starter tool set.

Filament sample was a good size for this printer.


Build time : 20 minutes from box to leveled and started print.
heat up time:
      20 C to 55 C three and a half minutes
      20 C to 75 C seven minutes

      20 C to 95 C (max of the bed in firmware is 110 C) 16 minutes


     20 C to 200


Now after 3 weeks and four and a half spools of filament I can give you the following pro and con list.


  • Fast build
  • Good tool set
  • Nice filament sample
  • Glass bed
  • Direct drive
  • Filament out sensor (works great)
  • Resume on power lose (tested and works great)
  • Meanswell power supply.
  • 24V power supply.
  • 5015 parts cooling fan.
  • E3D clone hotend with copper heat block.
  • Large thumb wheels for bed leveling.
  • Thermal protection turned on.




  • Odd sized bed so hard to find replacement glass or other printing surface for.
  • Filament out sensor located up on top of frame limiting print height to lower than stated max. (easy fix).
  • Bed not insulated.
  • Bed maxed out at 98 C with thermal protection.

Slicer settings I use:


Hotend temp:  208

Bed: 55

Layer height: 0.12

Retract: 1.5mm

Retract speed: 80 mms

Print speed: 150 mms


     Ok so looking back this printer has run none stop sense I got it. It’s quickly becoming one of my go to printers. I did relocate the filament out sensor and flipped the spool holder to the front of the top bar instead of the rear like the instructions called for. I have had one print failure in the time I have owned it and that was four and a half days into a long print when a support broke loose and caught the nozzle causing the glass bed to come off sliding onto my work bench not damage to the glass or anything. Over all this printer is worth every penny. Simple to use fast build and comes stock with most of the upgrades I would add, at this point I think I would only add insulation under the bed.


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Thursday, 22 August 2019

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