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Sovol SV01 Rundown

     OK Scott Here again. So I over the last few years and all I have decided to change how I do my printer rundowns a little. Some might call them reviews but that’s a term I don’t care for because to many reviews are bias. Therefore I do what I call rundowns.  Where I give my overall thoughts on the printer along with a list of exactly what I found on the printers good and bad these are 100% my view of things I will give good and bad no matter what. So for this article I’m going to do a RUNDOWN  on the Sovol SV01 which I have had for just over 3 weeks now. You can find the unboxing and build video over on my youtube channel here.

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Scott Worthington
I use s3d I use priline or eryone filament most of the time with temps 208 to 213 on pla. One thing to keep in mind with this pri... Read More
Monday, 07 October 2019 09:06
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